Saturday, September 5, 2009


What a great weekend to visit the orchard!!! We opened up the orchard today at noon, and had the parking lot filled in a minute and a half!!! I really enjoyed seeing all the new visitors come out and enjoy the orchard and enjoy my BBQ. Even met a few new "regulars" that will be coming out in the future for some more BBQ. I have had some rave reviews of my "Axle Grease" BBQ sauce which I developed for use at the orchard. It is the only place I use it! I kinda wish I would have concocted this recipe back in my BBQ competition days!!!

We were able to wrap up the day with some fishing in the orchard's pond! Overall, an exceptional day..oh yeah, and whoever said anything about global warming??? I am really starting to get concerned about this winter. I can hardly recall many days over the 95 degree mark...and as of late, I can hardly remember what an 80 degree day felt like!!! We are loving it!

The orchard should be open in another 2 weeks, hope to see you all out there for some BBQ, and don't forget our organic produce as well!!!

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