Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dissapointing Gardening Year

Not much I can say about this year's garden. First, it was too cool, then too wet, then I was too busy, and then it was too wet, and then it stayed cool...

So much for global warming this year? Maybe the scientists will blame the odd KC summer weather on El Nino, or the Republican Party or someone else, who knows. Regardless, my garden has not thrived this year. Unfortunately, we only had a handful of entries into the fair this year; a few herbs and of course banana peppers. Maggie's peppers took second premium and Reserve Champion this year. Her peppers are perennial champions it would seem.

But between the weather and my schedule i neglected the garden. When the weather was nice, I had no time...and it seemed that when I did have time, the weather did not cooperate. Weeds have taken over the garden, and I am already making plans for next year....

This fall, I will destroy the existing garden and rebuild one that is even more rabbit proof. Plus I will have more size, going from 11' x 24' to a massive 14' x 32'.

So now it is on to enjoying the weekends at the orchard. I wish I had more produce to sell this year, but it just is not happening. I will still be offering my normal BBQ fare each weekend, and come this September, I will have more time on the weekends and plan to start bringing out the turkey legs and pulled pork for everyone. Hope to see you there.

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